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Dedicated to the continuous improvement of aerospace safety

Welcome to Signal Charlie

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Welcome to Signal Charlie. Signal Charlie is being developed to promote safety in high reliability organizations, with a focus on aviation.

When trying to decide on a name for the site, I remembered my Naval Aviator days and the codewords from the carrier, “Signal Charlie”, which meant that the flight deck was ready for landing ops. This was always a welcome message, especially after a long flight. Signal Charlie will be a site that advances the goal of smart flight operations in dynamic environments.

Our site will be used to communicate ideas on an international deck, developing the same kinds of standardization that the International Code of Signals offers. Well developed, standardized procedures and efficient communication are key components of any quality system.

The Charlie signal flag also means “Affirmative”, and this represents the proactive nature of a quality Safety Management System (SMS), the future of aviation safety. SMS components include an open reporting culture, risk management methodology and continuous improvement process. In SMS, people nurture partnerships that promote operational goals and safety. Positive communications fuel these partnerships, and Signal Charlie is meant to be a vehicle for critical team communications.

Please be patient as we add content to this site, and feel free to post your recommendations.

Fly Smart

Written by Clark

March 11, 2007 at 4:05 pm

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