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Runway Safety Best Practices

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Update: There is a disturbance in the Runway Safety Force, so a little booster shot is in order. Please take a few minutes and let us know your tips and tactics.

Cheers, Clark

FAA just put out a new jepps card, I got one at the ASW Runway Safety office yesterday and transcribed it for everyone to review.

They also have some nice posters for both airplane and vehicle operators. Contact your FSDO Safety Program Manager to get a copy.

FAA Runway Safety Program Jepps Insert – Front Side

Pilot and Flight Crew Procedures During Taxi Operations

Conduct Pre-Taxi Planning

-Study airport diagram BEFORE taxi

-Identify complex intersections

-Plan timing of checklists

-Listen to and copy ATIS

Write Down Taxi Instructions

-Write down complete taxi instructions to reduce pilot’s vulnerability for forgetting or making a mistake

Maintain Situational Awareness

-Know where you are and where you are going!

-Monitor ATC instructions to other aircraft

-Look TWICE before crossing intersecting taxiways or runways

-Be vigilant if given “position and hold” clearance

-Use extra caution at night or during reduced visibility

-Be extremely cautious when using a runway as a taxiway

“Heads Up” exiting the runway if exit intersects another runway

Coordinate Crew Communications

-On taxi instructions for takeoff

-On landing and hold short clearance

-On ATC instructions to parking

-On identifying runway instructions

-Before crossing hold short lines

-Identifying the correct departure runway and course

-On performing “heads down” tasks

Maintain the Communications Loop

-Maintain a “sterile cockpit”

-Use standard ATC phraseology

-Focus on what ATC is instructing

-Read-back all runway hold short, position and hold and crossing instructions

-Always clarify any and ALL misunderstood or confusing ATC instructions or clearances


Fly (and Taxi) Smart


Written by Clark

March 19, 2023 at 4:38 pm

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