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With immense respect to Dr James Reason, it’s not slices of cheese out there, It’s all one cheese fondue. Hard to pick one piece out from the other. Professional pilots fly to and above regulated standards to avoid being covered in that cheese, and those standards provide both a challenge and an opportunity for all members of the aerospace team to strive for and exceed.

If you are flying Part 91, take time to sit down with a 135 pilot. 135? Seek out a cohort from the 121 world. And don’t miss out on opportunities to benchmark and compare best practices with our military aviation folks. All that said, some of the most impressive pilots I have ever flown with were working their craft in the Part 91 world, I have learned a lot from them.

Lifelong learners seek out knowledge from subject matter experts, it’s time to develop Professional Pilot Standards that include leadership training and improve our exchange of knowledge. It’s a vast expanse of sky and space out there, but we all share it.

Fly Smart


Please stay tuned while we get our site back up to speed, especially our Pages on SMS, Human Factors, Knowledge Exchange and Leadership.


-Advanced Aircrew Academy – Training to meet part 135 and IS-BAO requirements: Advanced Aircrew Academy

-FAA Safety Team Wings Program – Pilot and AMT Proficiency Program Courses: FAASafetyTeam WIngs

-Human Factors Analysis and Classification System (HFACS) – systematically identify active and latent failures within an organization that culminated in an accident: HFACS

-Human Factors Associates – Diagnostic assessment of a client organization’s safety effectiveness regarding high-reliability performance and intervention strategies: HFA

– International Society of Safety Professionals – Offers certification for International Safety Managers: ISSP

-King Schools – Offers a plethora of choices, some of which are free and offer Wings Pilot Proficiency Program credit, and could get you a discount with your insurance provider: King Schools

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May 26, 2022 at 10:08 pm

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