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In-Close Approach Change (ICAC) Events

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If you are flying into an airport, consider the hazards involved with changing your planned runway in a dynamic environment. Make sure you are familiar with the new runway information, check navaids, and be ready for a new taxi plan. If you’re not ready, build time by asking for vectors while you get set up or going around. Please yourself first, this is not the time to rush.


From NASA’s Aviation Safety Reporting System

Issue 335

November 2007

Air Carrier In-Close Approach Change (ICAC) Events

At the request of NASA Ames Research Center’s Human Systems Integration Division in early 2007, ASRS performed a review of ASRS Database reports referencing In-Close Approach Changes (ICAC) – also termed Late Runway Change and Change in Runway. The ASRS Database reports spanned the time period of January 1996 to the present. Three hundred thirteen (313) relevant air carrier pilot-reported ICAC events were identified.

For the purposes of this analysis, an In-Close Approach Change Event is defined as one in which an ATC directed change from an originally assigned arrival, approach, or runway assignment results in an incident. Examples of these incidents are unstabilized approaches, track or heading deviations, speed deviations, controlled flight toward terrain (CFTT), loss of separation or airborne conflicts, wake vortex encounters, loss of aircraft control, breakdown in crew coordination, and other safety concerns cited by reporters.

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