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AOPA ASF Seminar Top 5 Mistakes Pilots Make

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I went to the AOPA Air Safety seminar “Top Five Mistakes” in Ft Worth last night, hosted by Tarrant County College. It was a great turnout, almost 400 attendees. Pat Shaub of Eagle Training Solutions gave a great brief.

From the AOPA Air Safety Website

“Top 5 Mistakes Pilots Make

It’s sad but true: In an average year, three quarters of all accidents are caused by pilot error. And the mistakes that lead to those accidents? For the most part, they’re the same ones pilots have been making for decades.

ASF’s latest seminar takes new aim at those old mistakes. We’ve identified the most common fatal errors pilots make and put together a show that’s full of practical tips for avoiding them. From steering clear of weather to maneuvering safely and much more, if you’re looking to minimize your chances of being involved in a fatal accident, you’ll definitely want to attend this seminar!”

The Top Five Mistakes occurred while managing the following:

5. Fuel (8%)

4. Descent and Approach (10%)

3. Takeoff and Climb (13%)

2. Weather (14%)

1. Maneuvering Flight (33%)

What we can do now is couple this seminar information with focused pilot proficiency training. The new Wings program applies special emphasis to incident and accident causal factor areas of operation. These areas should be addressed when flying with a flight instructor.

The AOPA Air Safety Foundation’s safety seminars qualify for the safety seminar portion of the FAA WINGS program. Did we mention in addition to becoming a better pilot we can save money too? Learn more about the AOPA Accident Forgiveness and Deductible Enhancement for AIG Aircraft Insurance policyholders.

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Written by Clark

January 15, 2008 at 9:39 pm

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