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ATC Tips for Pilots

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From Aviation Safety Magazine Oct 2007, good advice to fly by…

-Listen for other traffic on frequency before transmitting

-Make your radio call, then be patient for a reply-the controller may be busy coordinating traffic you can’t hear or be on the land line

-Be precise and brief, use standard terminology and be professional.

-Get weather information before calling for clearance, taxi or checking in for approach and landing.

-Read back clearance completely and in order received. Make requests for ammendments before taking off.

-If you file it, be able to fly it.

-ATC can pass along current weather, but they are not forecasters.

-Traffic avoidance isthe pilot’s responsibility, even in IMC.

-Know when you have to ask for altitude changes and when you don’t.

-Follow published procedures when cleared for a transition or approach.

-You determine your level of safety, not the airplane.

Fly Smart


Written by Clark

January 2, 2008 at 3:49 pm

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