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Top Ten CFI-I Tricks of the Trade

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I pulled this list from the May issue of IFR magazine. The article discusses esssential tips and tricks for IFR flying. Good advice for everyone, I think.

1. Know how to operate within the IFR system, what/who/when to ask questions and gather information.

2. Know your equipment.

3. Seek understanding, knowledge and avoid “crutches”.

4. Watch you track.

5. Don’t believe one needle (aka trust but verify).

6. Utilize CRM to build SA.

7. Fly in actual IMC. Use building block approach, conservative go/no-go criteria and/or CFI-I.

8. Practice IMC to VMC transitions to land.

9. Learn Control and Performance method of flying. Power, Attitude, Trim.

10. Keep a positive mental attitude of continuous learning and applied wisdom.

Check out IFR

Fly Smart


Written by Clark

May 9, 2007 at 9:32 pm

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