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Dr Funk’s Words of Wisdom

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I had a chance to talk to Dr Wally Funk on Wednesday and she took me through a crash investigation slide presentation that she delivers at safety seminars. I am working on a preservation project to digitize her slides. What struck me was the similarity of her comments to those of Herb Webber, another local safety rep who I talked to last year. (Herb’s wisdom is posted below).
It is amazing the number of crashes that could be prevented if people would use a checklist properly. Check for fuel. Check for contaminated fuel. Check your prop. Check your electrical system. Check that the CONTROL LOCK is REMOVED before attempting any junior birdman/birdwoman activities! Stay out of box canyons. You get the idea. The system tries to trip you up enough without helping it out.
Be professional, be smart. And as Wally says, “don’t wreck your airplane and yourself.”

Read Dr Funk’s Bio. Hold on to your jaw, because it will drop as you read it!

Fly Smart


Written by Clark

May 9, 2007 at 9:56 pm

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