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998 or 29.98?!

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Ah, look at the cute altimeter, it’s pretty! Did you know it can kill you if not you put the right number in the wrong window? Got a great tip on my last rotation about altimeter settings. When you read back and crosscheck the altimeter setting, use all of the numbers and if it is millibars, say millibars after the numbers. This will mentally help you remember to dial the setting into the proper window. Things will be “not so good” if you mistake “998” mb for 29.98 inhg. Next time you’re preflighting, dial 998 into both windows and look at the difference between the settings. It’s almost 400 (yep, that’s a 4 plus two zeros) feet off. Think that will come into play, on final and in the goo? Avoid the error by managing the threat.

Fly Smart


Written by Clark

April 3, 2007 at 11:50 am

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