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Threat and Error Management in a Nutshell

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The Threat and Error Management Model was developed by Dr Bob Helmreich and the UT Human Factors Project and is the 6th Generation of CRM

Here’s the model in a nutshell…

Focused on future events


-Operational factors-Aircrew, supervisory, maintenance, ATC,…

-Environmental factors-Turbulence, low vis, ice, rain, night time…

Operational and Environmental factors are managed through proper planning at…

-Strategic Level-Flight Ops Manual, OpSpecs, Aircraft Manuals, Training

-Tactical Level-Contingency options, Resource Management

Effective communication is key, before, during and after event

Focused on current and past events

First Goal: Avoid

-Develop plan

Second Goal: Manage

-Manage workload
-Maintain Situational Awareness & Assessment

Third Goal: Mitigate

-Limit adverse consequences


Comparing actual flight path and system performance to
intended path and performance

Ensure actions result in desired outcome

Error avoidance – Detection – Mitigation

One tool to use = “CAMI”
Confirm automation input
Activate system
Monitor performance
Intervene to prevent undesired states

TEM is the next generation of Team Resource Management

Here is a TEMM ppt prepared by the UTHFRP with two case studies.

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Written by Clark

March 18, 2007 at 8:58 pm

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