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How’d ya Like to be a Ground Controller at JFK?

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Listen to this ATC tape, and see if you can pick out who is flailing, who is trying to help out and who is getting snippy. Think about how you would react in this situation, from ATC and the pilots’ standpoint. What Human Factors are at work here? What are the Threats, and how can they develop into Error? What are the consequences of Error if two jumbos collide on the ground? How would you manage this hazard (and “stay away from JFK” doesn’t count”)!
Professionalism goes a long way here, in keeping the situation stabilized and avoiding another Tenerife.

JFK ATC on a good day. Like the guy says, go visit a tower someday if you can. These folks do some amazing things in their 4 dimensional world, and have my utmost respect.

Written by Clark

March 18, 2007 at 2:54 pm

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