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FAA AC on Safety Management Systems

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What are the safety benefits of a Safety Management System (SMS)?

    Quality management approach to controlling risk.
    Organizational framework to support a sound safety culture.
    For general aviation operators, an SMS can form the core of the company’s safety efforts.
    For certificated operators such as airlines, air taxi operators, and aviation training organizations, the SMS can also serve as an efficient means of interfacing with FAA certificate oversight offices.
    SMS provides a detailed roadmap for monitoring safety-related processes.

A Systematic Managerial approach to Safety is even more important to a basic weekend or business flyer. You need to maximize the return on investment of your limited resources.

    SMS is a template that will enable you to establish cooperative, personal partnerships with the FAA, aircraft manufacturers, training and educational institutions, service providers, and aviation advocacy groups.
    Establish a proactive, learning safety culture that taps into these resources and keeps you informed about emerging hazards within the National Airspace System.
    Develop a plan and show it to your insurance agency, you might even get a discount for “Defensive Flying”.

Here is a SMS ppt I developed from the FAA Advisory Circular 120-92
Introduction to SMS for Air Operators

Key concepts are communications, just culture and continuous improvement.

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Written by Clark

March 18, 2007 at 5:44 pm

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