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Aviation Leadership

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-the art of operating of aircraft

-the position or office of a leader, a person who inspires or guides others
-the capacity or ability to lead
-to show the way to by going in advance, guidance, direction
-to guide behavior or opinion

Acquiring aeronautical knowledge, airmanship skills, utilizing resources, building experience and proficiency are all part of a continuous improvement process. Navigation has been reduced to calculator simplicity. Modern autopilots and electronic displays have significantly reduced a pilot’s workload. Aircraft are designed safer. These factors have combined to reduce the mishap rate, but what is key to further reduction is the study and application of leadership skills. Aviation today requires administrative management and aeronautical decision making skills (leadership) as prerequisites for safety and efficiency, to realize the best return on your core foundation.

Here’s a review of some Aviation Leadership traits and principles.

Written by Clark

March 18, 2007 at 6:12 pm

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