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Under the new FAAS Safety Team program, volunteer reps are self directed to
present these topics and/or activities whenever possible. FAA Safety Program Managers are also here to assist and support you.
Here are the special emphasis items that we are targeting in the Ft Worth district:
Take-off and Landings (x-wind)
Loss of control during IMC. (instrument approaches).
Aeronautical Decision Making
Improper installation of Parts
Improper Inspection of Aircraft or Parts
TFR’ and Prohibited airspace
Education Career Days (schools, colleges, etc.)
Maintenance Human Factors

Check out Links to find information on these topics, and sign up for FAA Safety Seminar notifications on the FAA Safety site

I also have some information posted under files on my google safety group Ft Worth Aviation Safety Program

Fly Smart
Kent Lewis

Written by Clark

March 16, 2007 at 1:23 pm

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