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National Plan for Civil Aviation Human Factors

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National Plan for Civil Aviation Human Factors (A NASA, DoD and FAA initiative)

Two goals:
1. Reducing error in human-system interactions
2. Increase efficiency of human-system performance

The national agenda focuses on 2 major elements

1. Human-centered automation
2. Selection and training
3. Human performance assessment
4. Information management and display
5. Bioaeronautics

-Application of research:
1. Create environment for change
2. Develop HF education and training programs at all levels
3. Equip personnel and facilities with modern tools and techniques of the HF engineering discipline.
4. Develop infrastructure to translate and disseminate human factors products.

This is where the focus of my work is. Why change? Quality systems embrace continuous improvement, everyone should always be learning. The text and links on this site are just a few of our tools. The context that we bring is the user/operator context. You are the expert in your particular field, the person with the most intimate view of the processes that defines your immediate environment. Efficient research must include the context of environment and mental model, then education and training can be developed to support preservation of assets (dat’s you!) and attainment of business goals. Doing it right is what counts.


Written by Clark

March 14, 2007 at 4:48 am

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