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Herb’s Wisdom

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I interviewed Herb Webber for an Aviation Safety Seminar series, and asked if he had any pearls of wisdom from 65 years plus of aviation experience. Here’s what he said.
1. Use a checklist.
2. Look outside.
3. Never fly hard IFR in a single engine airplane.

Herb flew B-17s for the Army (including Memphis Belle)and big jets for American Airlines, and is still active delivering airplanes for Van Bortel . He states thet he “flunked retirement”. I am amazed by his flexibility and resilience, and grateful for his dedication to volunteer aviation safety work. He is impressed with the new glass cockpits in GA airplanes, but refers youngsters like me back to Pearl #2, that is to use the most important piece of glass in the aircraft, the windscreen, to your see and avoid advantage.

FLy Smart

Written by Clark

March 12, 2007 at 1:55 pm

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